Victorinox Swiss Army Knife Coupling with Blister - Strong & Sturdy Nickleplated Everyday Tool with 2 Split Rings, Silver - 25mm

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From the makers of "The Original Swiss Army Knives"
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Lifetime Guarantee
Victorinox AG guarantees all knives and tools to be of first class stainless steel and also guarantees a life time against any defects in material and workmanship (save for electronic components 2 years). Damage caused by normal wear and tear, misuse or abuse are not covered by this guarantee.
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No matter if you conquer the highest summit or simply enjoy a relaxing weekend camping at the lake, the Traveller Lite is the perfect companion
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Why should you trust Victorinox? We present to you not one but plenty of reasons.

Victorinox brings an army of Swiss knives high on utility and functionality. Ranging from small, medium, to large, these pocket knives are your go-to devices for almost anything, with nearly two dozen features wrapped into one device. Card, keychain; these come in pocketable and attractive shapes and variants that are as practical as suited to your personality. Portable and highly functional this range of Victorinox Swiss knives is true to its name; champ.

No need to endure an exhausting and dull hiking experience - made of quality material, the Victorinox Coupling is nickel-plated and comes with 2 split-rings! The design is a simple and elegant which would help you stand out from the crowd. A must-have accessory for all professional and amateur hikers, this tool is durable, strong, and corrosion resistant. Keep it close by and stay prepared.
Can the knives be used at home?
Yes, if you are the one who believes in a minimalistic lifestyle, this has all the tools at your disposal, in a portable format. Separate your car keys from your house keys or attach only the keys you need for the day. With so many utilities wrapped into one, there is no way you are going to miss out on this one.

Can serve as a travel companion?
Yes, pocket it or fix it to this belt hanger and go on that trip you were craving. From a stylish companion to keep you on top of your game to a faithful manager for all your keys, this has it all. Make your wanderlust dreams come true with confidence!

It’s a champion of utility and functionality and even sustainability. Created using environment-friendly and light materials, with its tools fashioned out of stainless steel, these are light on the pocket, literally and metaphorically and robust in built, to last a lifetime.

Slice your way through life with Victorinox knives.

More Information
Product Code 4.1835.B
Material Stainless Steel
Height (cms) 8
Width (cms) 2
Depth (cms) 1
Weight (gms) 16.5
Color Silver
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  • Strength Packaged into a Small Size: The Makers of the Original Swiss Army knife present Swiss Army Coupling. Ideal to hold and arrange your car, office, and house keys, 2 split rings
  • Functions: Featuring 2 split rings, this is a must-have for all who want to keep their keys safe and sound. Separate your car keys, office keys, and your house keys to keep them accessible every time
  • Trip or Trick: A Victorinox Coupling is the perfect complement to your Swiss Army Knife. It's the easiest way to carry and protect your keys while keeping it close at hand. And that's important because the faster you can get to your keys, the faster you can get to work or get inside your home after a tiring day. So put it as your keychain and get ready to be a hero
  • Strong and Sustainable: Nickle plated coupling, it comes from natural resources, created with our future in mind. The material therein makes the knives and tools the most robust that you have ever seen or experienced
  • Lifetime guarantee: Any defects in workmanship that you notice during your usage? Nothing to worry about. This coupling comes with a lifetime guarantee that ensures that you are protected against any shortcoming that you may experience while using this otherwise perfect product
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